Businesses of any size that operate in virtually any industry can benefit from making use of third-party warehousing. Campbell Transport offers services in the form of warehouse outsourcing and makes sure you have the space you need to store your goods and stock.

What is Third-Party Warehousing?

Using services that facilitate the outsourcing of warehouse facilities involves your business employing a company like Campbell Transport to store your goods at their warehouses. This is opposed to you renting or buying a storage facility, which can save you money that can be better spent elsewhere.

We have many, functional storage facilities across Perth that provide the space you need without you needing to worry about buying or building your own warehouses.

Why Investigate Outsourcing Warehouse Services?

While there are many undeniable benefits to employing companies that offer third-party warehousing, below are ones we would like to highlight:

  • Cost & Time Saving – Renting or owning warehouse space can become very costly. However, our rates are cost-effective because we want you to have access to the off-site storage facilities you need.
  • Space Saving – There’s no denying that storing your equipment or stock on-site takes up valuable space that could be better utilised for the expansion of your business. Storing your goods in our off-site facilities allows you the opportunity to create space on-site easily.
  • Safe Storage – The equipment, stock, and goods that you would store in a warehouse facility no doubt amounts for a massive cost investment for your business. With that in mind, you’d want to store it somewhere with optimal security, and staff that are there to protect your equipment. Our warehouses are just that – a safe and secure place to store what you need kept off-site.

What Types of Warehousing Do We Offer?

We can store goods and assist businesses in the following industries:

  • Agriculture – Whether it’s farming equipment, grain, or seed that you need stored off-site, our warehouses are equipped to store goods efficiently and safely for prolonged periods.
  • Construction & Mining – With ample room, you can use our off-site warehouses to store all manner of construction equipment that you don’t use regularly.
  • General Storage – While we have the space to store large items such as machinery and equipment, we also have the capabilities to store other goods, such as boxes and crates filled with your stock.

Campbell Transport is dedicated to providing our clients with the storage facilities they need to save costs and space on-site. With 20 years in business, we have the experience to ensure your goods and equipment are stored securely.