Cows can’t live without hay – and the agriculture industry can’t operate without transport.

Without efficient transportation, the agricultural industry wouldn’t be as prosperous as it is. 

As any farmer knows, transport is critical for farmers to access resources like pesticide, seed, fertilizer, feed, packing material and much more. Transport is also critical to ensuring farmers can deliver their products to the right location at the right time – especially to the wheat bin at harvest time! 

Many farmers choose to save costs by transporting goods in their own trucks – but this, of course, means valuable hours spent away from the farm and away from the family. Campbell Transport can ease some of the load with agricultural transport services.

We offer:

Livestock transport

At Campbell, we use crates with a fold-up design to secure the safety of both our drivers and your livestock. We embrace cutting-edge technology to transport livestock quickly, easily and smoothly – with safety at the core of everything we do. Is livestock transport something you could take off your plate? Campbell can help!

Bulk grain transport
When harvest time comes around, you make plenty of trips to the wheat bin in town and back. Some of that workload can be alleviated with assistance from Campbell – we provide professional bulk grain transport services all around Western Australia. We’ve worked hard to become one of the leading grain transport companies in the area, so you can trust in us to get your grain where it needs to go. 

Heavy equipment transport
Running a farm is hard work, and hard work requires the use of heavy equipment. That’s why we offer a farm machinery transport service – relieving the need to move it yourself.

We make it a priority to quickly, safely and easily move whatever needs to move from A to B. Could you do with a hand moving a header?

At Campbell Transport, we take pride in offering a wide variety of professional farm transport services. From livestock to produce, we transport it all – it doesn’t matter if your sheep need to go to the sale yard or your grain needs to go to port. We ensure a safe and secure transportation solution, every time!

Reach out Campbell to see how we can help you with your farm transport needs.